The to-do list allows you to set yourself to-do's to assist your personal workflow.  To-do's can be stand alone or assigned to specific projects and tasks.  Clicking on the to-do name marks as it complete and removes it from the list. Clicking the trash icon will delete the to-do and not mark it as complete.

Clicking Go to List on the to-do will open the full to-do list.

The to-do list allows you to review, complete and manage your pending and completed to-dos.  You can click on the table headers to order the to-do list as required (project, priority etc). 

For pending to-do's you can:

  • Mark as complete
  • Delete

For completed to-do's you can:

  • Mark as complete
  • Delete

Clicking Add New ToDo will allow you to create a to-do and assign it to yourself or another user.

  • Name - To-do name
  • Description - To-do description
  • User - Assigned to-do user.  The to-do will display in this user's to do list.
  • Priority - To-do priority (1-4)
  • Project - Related project (optional)
  • Task - Related task (optional)

From the to-do list, clicking on the to-do name will open the to-do detail page:

  • Edit - Update the to-do. This is how you can re-assign the to-do to another user for example.
  • Done - Marks to-do complete (Pending only)
  • Undo - Marks to-do as not complete (Completed only)
  • Delete - Delete to-do.