WorkGuru users can manage the detail in their tasks in WorkGuru projects using a list of to do's.    To do's are designed to be used in conjunction with task completion to give an accurate progress metric to be compared with the actual vs forecast time.

Managing To Do's From the To Do List

The to do list consolidates all the to do's from all the projects into one list.  Clicking on the to do name marks as it complete and removes it from the list. Clicking the trash icon will delete the to do and not mark it as complete.

Clicking Go to List on the to do will open the full to do list.

The to do list allows you to review, complete and manage your pending and completed to dos.  You can click on the table headers to order the to do list as required (project, priority etc). 

For pending to do's you can:

  • Mark as complete
  • Delete

For completed to do's you can:

  • Mark as complete
  • Delete

Clicking Add New ToDo will allow you to create a to do and assign it to yourself or another user.

  • Name - To do name
  • Description - To do description
  • User - Assigned to do user.  The to do will display in this user's to do list.
  • Priority - To do priority (1-4)
  • Project - Related project (optional)
  • Task - Related task (optional)

From the to do list, clicking on the to do name will open the to do detail page:

  • Edit - Update the to do. This is how you can re-assign the to-do to another user for example.
  • Done - Marks to do complete (Pending only)
  • Undo - Marks to do as not complete (Completed only)
  • Delete - Delete to do

Managing To Do's Directly From the Project Task

To quickly add a to do from the project's detail page, simply enter a list of the required to do's to the relevant tasks in the Overview tab.

Select the to do's checkbox to mark as complete.  To do's added directly to the task will default to the user who adds them.

Managing To Do's from the Kiosks

To dos can also be managed from the web, Android or iOS kiosk applications.