Once the setup for Connecting SuiteFiles to WorkGuru is complete, files uploaded to WorkGuru will be automatically uploaded to SuiteFiles.   Add files via the projects file upload in the Files tab of the project detail page.  Files added to a WorkGuru project via emails or form completion will also upload to SuiteFiles.

When a file is uploaded against a client, supplier or document within WorkGuru, that file will then be queued to upload to SuiteFiles in the background. If a document hasn't yet had a corresponding folder created for it in SuiteFiles, the standard file upload will appear against it within WorkGuru.

Once the queued job to upload the file to SuiteFiles has been completed and the source document within WorkGuru has been linked to a folder within SuiteFiles, click View Files in SuiteFiles to view the project files in SuiteFiles.

The SuiteFiles popup allows you to:

  • Open the project folder
  • Open the file in SuiteFiles for editing (if supported) and allow you to download the file from SuiteFiles
  • Download the file from SuiteFiles to your device.

Note: Special characters are treated differently in each platform and may be removed or replaced when uploading to SuiteFiles. To keep file and folder names consistent, we recommend keeping special characters to a minimum.

Folder Structure

Files uploaded to SuiteFiles will be created in the following path hierarchy:

  • Root Folder (the folder specified when setting up the integration)
    • Clients
      • [ClientName]
        • Project
          • [ProjectNumber]
            • Files
        • Quotes
          • [QuoteNumber]
            • Files
        • Stock Sales
          • [StockSaleNumber]
            • Files
    • Suppliers
      • [SupplierName]
        • Purchase Orders
          • [PurchaseOrderNumber]
            • Files
    • Production Jobs
      • [ProductionJobNumber]
        • Files