You can search for and receive purchases orders via the mobile application by tapping Purchases on the app home screen.

You can then scroll or search for the purchase order.  If the order is in the Approved state, tap Receive.

Receive the purchase order by entering the required receipt and invoice information.

  • Order details
    • Received Date - Date order line items received
    • Invoice Date - Date invoiced
    • Invoice Due Date - Date supplier invoice due.
    • Supplier Invoice Number - Supplier invoice number/reference.
    • Landed Cost Table - Add landed costs for stock purchase orders.
    • Create a backorder - Backorder outstanding line items.
    • Rounding - Adjust the order total due to rounding discrepancies.
    • Tax Total - Adjust the order total due to tax calculation discrepancies.
  • Order line item details
    • Invoice Price - Supplier invoiced unit price.
    • Received Qty - Quantity physically received.
    • Add New Product - Add additional product lines.

Tap Receive to complete the purchase order.