In addition to adding project actuals, kiosk users can receive open purchase orders if the kiosk device is available near the goods inwards section of the workshop.  Receiving purchase orders in the kiosk is the same workflow as through the main WorkGuru interface, a two step process of checking the quantity physically received, and matching the order pricing to the supplier's invoice.  

After signing into the kiosk, click on My Purchases which will display the current, open purchase orders.

Identify or Search for the required purchase order and click Receive.

Review the PO details and purchase line items.   To receive the PO:

  • Confirm the PO details, update the Received, Invoice and Invoice Due dates if required (will default to today's date) and enter the Supplier Invoice Number.
  • Update the Invoice Price and Received Quantity fields to match the supplier invoice and quantity physically received for each order line item (will default to the order price and quantity so only changes are needed to be entered).   If the order is only partially received, click Create a backorder.  Note: The kiosk will not automatically raise a backorder if the received quantity is less than ordered.

If additional order lines are required, click Add New Products.   Search for and select the product, enter the qty required and click Add Product.   Repeat the steps to add multiple additional product lines.   Remove an added product by clicking the red trash can icon.

If landed costs need to be added, click Show Landed Cost Table.  Enter a Landed Cost label, Amount and Tax Type and click Add Landed Cost.  Repeat the steps to add multiple landed costs as required.   Remove an added landed cost by clicking the red trash can icon.

Once the PO details and line items are correct, review the order totals, adjusting the Rounding and Tax Total if required. Click Receive All or Receive to complete the PO.