Batch products allow you to assign, identify and dispatch groups of products by batch number within a product's stock on hand.  This provides increased stock accuracy.  The difference between batch and serial products is a batch can be assigned to multiple products, whereas serial identifies individual products. When using batch products, it is important that the correct batch number is dispatched or used to prevent stock inconsistencies. 

Create a Batch Product

Create product and set it's TrackingType to Batch.  Note:  Existing FIFO products CANNOT be set to a batch product.   Conversely, existing batch products CANNOT be reverted to a FIFO product.   

Purchasing Batch Products on Stock Purchase Orders

Receiving a stock purchase order containing batch products is the same workflow as normal, except you will be prompted to assign a batch number to the relevant quantities received.

Click on the i to open the batch number entry popup.  Enter the batch numbers for each of the received quantities, if there is more than one batch number over the received quantities, additional lines will display per batch.   Note: The batch quanities must equal the total received quantity.

Click Done to save the batch numbers.  You can check/change the batch numbers by clicking the "i"  anytime before you complete the purchase order.   Once received, the batch numbers can be reviewed in the stock dashboard from the product's stock movement history.   The batch products quantities are grouped by batch number.

Using Batch Products on Projects and Production Jobs

When using batch products on projects and production jobs, you will need to confirm the exact batch number that has physically been used and ensure the same batch number is selected when prompted in the dropdown.   You cannot use a batch product without selecting a batch number.

Producing a Batch Product on a Production Job

When completing a production job where batch products are the output product, you will need to assign a batch number to the produced products.  Note: You can only complete ONE batch at a time.

Dispatching Batch Products on Stock Sales

When dispatching a stock sale with batch products, you will need to confirm the exact batch number that has physically been dispatched and ensure the same batch number is selected when prompted.  Note: Due the requirement to enter the batch numbers you can't Complete a stock sale containing batch product lines.

Stock Adjusting Batch Products (Coming Soon)

Stock adjust in - assign batch numbers

Stock adjust out - select existing batch numbers

Stock Taking Batch Products (Coming Soon)

Include batch numbers in separate lines in stock take.