1. Open the the stock sale dashboard by clicking on Stock Sales from the WorkGuru menu.
  2. Click +Add Stock Sale from the stock sale dashboard to add a new stock sale.
  3. Add the following information to complete the stock sale:
    1. Number - Stock sale number, recommended to leave blank to auto assign.
    2. Client - Stock sale/invoice client
    3. Date - Sale date
    4. Source Warehouse - Select the stock location you want to draw stock from.  Note: you can't add product line items until you select a warehouse.
    5. Client Purchase Order - Client order reference if supplied.
    6. Description - Sale description (if required).
    7. Search and add product line items - Click Add Productto add lines as required.
      1. SKU - product code
      2. Name - product name
      3. Cost - product unit cost
      4. Quantity - product quantity sold
      5. Sell Price - product sell price, change if required.
      6. Billable - invoice the line?
  4. Confirm the stock sale totals and forecast profitability and click Save
  5. If the stock sale is correct and needs no further editing, click Approve
  6. You can then click Dispatch and/or Invoice as required to draw down the stock and invoice the order. Either of these options will add the respective dates to the order and can be completed at any time or at the same time. An example workflow would be the client makes the order and pays for it now (invoiced) and picks it up tomorrow (dispatched). If the client pays and takes the products immediately you would do both right now.