To add a task in WorkGuru: 

  1. Start by clicking Administration -> Tasks then Add Task from the menu on the left.
  2. You will be shown a page which describes the element of a Task. Fill out the fields of your Task.
    1. Name - Name of the task, this will display on invoices and timesheet entry.
    2. Description - Task description for the optional display on invoices.
    3. UnitCost - Forecast hourly cost of the task.
    4. CostMulitplier - If the task is being setup to capture penalty or overtime rates on the project, enter the relevant multiplier here (eg 1.5 or 2 for time and a half or double time).   This will multiply the base rate of the staff member's times to ensure the correct cost is recorded as an actual on the project.
    5. Rate - Forecast hourly billable rate for task.
    6. SellTaxCode - Xero tax code.
    7. Account Code - Xero GL if you want to override the defaults
  3. Add any additional pricing in the Price Tiers tab.
  4. Click Save, and the product will be added to your tasks list.