Tasks can be managed from the task dashboard (Tasks -> List Tasks).    Search for tasks and open the edit task detail page by clicking the task Name.  Click Delete to remove the task.

The actions menu provides the following functionality:

Selecting a task name will open the edit detail page.

  • Overview tab:
    • Name - Task name.
    • Description - Task description.
    • Payroll Accounting Code - If you are sending timesheets to your accounting system's payroll, map the task to a Xero pay rate if it is different than the ordinary rate..
    • UnitCost - Forecast task cost.  Only used for quoting.
    • CostMultiplier - Number timesheet costs is multiplied by to reflect overtime etc (eg 1.5 for time and a half, 2 for double time).
    • Rate - Task rate for invoicing (task rate invoicing only).
    • SellTaxCode - Default tax rate.
    • AccountCode - Alternate accounting general ledger code, leave blank to inherit the accounting defaults.
    • Schedule Colour - Assigned colour to display on project and task schedules.
  • Price Tiers tab:
    • Sell Price - Assign price tier specific sell pricing to override the default rate.