The purpose of tasks in WorkGuru is to track the labour component of your projects for your payroll staff via their timesheets.   Tasks can be setup to suit your particular workflow requirements, usually one of the following workflows:

  • Progress - Tasks are setup to track the labour costs in for the unit of work being conducted.  Examples include Design, Fabrication and Installation.  This workflow allows staff to add time to the actual task they are completing, and allows the task to be completed to provide the project with an accurate progress metric that is independent of time.
  • Rate - Tasks are setup to match a particular cost and/or sell rate.   Examples include normal time, time and a half, double time etc.   This is a simpler task setup as all staff use the same tasks regarding of what the are working on in the project.

Tasks rates can be forecast and invoiced either at the task level, or the staff level.

  • Task Rate - The task is invoiced at the task's sell rate regardless of which staff member has worked on the task.  The forecast task cost is used only for quoting and the actual cost is calculated from the staff members timesheets.
  • Staff Rate - The task is invoiced at calculation each staff member's sell rate and hours.   The forecast task cost is based on the forecast staff allocation.   This allows you to forecast and invoice the exact time and rates completed on the task.