WorkGuru allows you to both Email or Print a quote direct from the system. This can be done via the "Edit Quote" page or alternatively within a quote's "Details" page. 

1.0 To Print or Email a Quote, you will need to go to the Quote Dashboard which can be done by selecting the "Sales" tab on the menu and then selecting "Quote" from the drop down menu following. 

2.0 From the Quote Dashboard, you can now find the Quote you would like to either Print or Email from the quotes listed.

3.0 Once you have found the desired quote, select either the "Edit Quote" or "Details" tab on the quote line reference.  

3.0 Select the "Print Quote" icon that is located at the bottom of both the "Edit Quote and "Details" page. 

4.1 To email your Quote, start by selecting "EmailToClient" and filling in the desired contents of your email prior to selecting "Send Quote" tab as seen below. 

4.2 To Print your Quote, start by selecting "Print" and selecting PDF to save your quote to your device. You are also able to print a hard copy of your quote by selecting a printer in your network (if connected).