Document templates allow you to completely customise the look and formatting of the following documents in WorkGuru:

  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Projects
  • Purchase Orders
  • Project Groups
  • Assets
  • Stock Sales
  • Credit Notes

They are built in the Microsoft Word format using WorkGuru's MergeField library (available here).   When an appropriate WorkGuru MergeField is added to the document, it will print the associated field data from the WorkGuru source.  Eg [ProjectNumber], [InvoiceNumber].     The formatting of the MergeField is controlled by MS Word (bold, font, text size etc).

These templates are available in a dropdown when printing or emailing from the appropriate document source.  

Document template rules:

  • Layout and formatting is all controlled by Word.  If you need a field a bold or italics or a different font, size, colour, etc, just format the WorkGuru merge field (including the square brackets) the way you want the output text to look like.
  • Ensure the Word document is NOT saved in the 2007-2013 Word document format.   This is not compatible with WorkGuru's PDF converter and will cause an error. Save in the current Word format (.docx) with the compatibility checkbox NOT selected.
  • All images must be inline with text for the PDF converter to pick up.
  • Images need to be in either the JPG or PNG format to be picked up by the PDF converter correctly.   Word drawings etc are not compatible.
  • Tables for Tasks, Products, Payments, Timesheets and Output lines must have the correct alt-text entered to display.

What to do if, on the printed PDF:

  • The merge field is blank - This indicates the field does not have any data to print.   Edit the source document and populate the relevant field for the document template to display.
  • The merge field is displaying in full (with the square brackets)- This indicates either:
    • There is a typo in the merge field text.
    • The merge field is not compatible with that document template type.  Eg:  Invoice number cannot be displayed on a Quote template as it doesn't exist at the quote stage.