New Document Templates can be added to WorkGuru from the Add Template button on the top right of the Document Template dashboard.You will need to have created you document using and saved it as a Microsoft Work .docx file first. Example templates are provided here, which you can modify with your own formatting and mergefield reference.

Adding your new Document Template in WorkGuru  is a 3 Step process

  1. Template Name - Give the template a descriptive name so it can be identified easily when printing/emailing documents
  2. Document Type - Select the correct document type which matches your .docx template.  Note -  It is important to select the correct document type that matches the merge fields in the .docx template.  A quote .docx will not work if it is assigned as an Invoice etc.
  3. Select the Files -  Select the .docx template file from the finder to upload to WorkGuru when you save the template.

Please follow this link for file setup -