Finding the history of your client's asset is is important as it allows you to view notes, completed work, materials used and future scheduled work on a particular asset. 

  1. Select Assets from the WorkGuru menu.
  2. Click on the asset name of the asset you need to review
  3. From the asset detail page, you can review the following:
    1. Quick Actions - Edit assets, raise a quote or project using the asset details.
    2. Asset details - Asset details including the completed work value which is how much money the asset is earned over its lifetime and Quoted Work, which is the assets upcoming pipeline value
    3. Asset history
      1. Notes - Any notes on projects using the asset
      2. Projects - List of projects using the asset
      3. Timesheets - Timesheet detail on projects using the asset.
      4. Files and Materials - List of all files and materials in the projects using the asset.
      5. Future Work - List of quotes using the asset.
      6. Invoice - List of invoices raised on projects using the asset.