You can manage the following from your Custom Field in WorkGuru from the Custom Field dashboard

Select the required field type on the left menu to display its assigned custom fields.

Changing Custom Field Display Order

If the document type has multiple custom fields, it will display on the document in the order displayed in the list.  Click and hold the  icon to drag and drop the custom fields to the preferred display order.

Delete Custom Fields

Click the icon to delete the custom field if it's not required. NOTE: Deleting a custom field will remove that field and all the data it has captured to date.  It cannot be restored.

Edit Custom Fields

Edit Custom field Clicking on theicon will allow you to change the Name, Label, Type and Support Document Types. Be aware that editing existing fields that have been used to capture data may impact the data stored by that field if modified.

Note: Changing the custom field name may break the display of field information on document templates.   If the change is required, ensure that the [CustomFieldName] field is updated on the relevant document templates.

Click Save to apply the changes.