WorkGuru can take approved timesheets, round them up to a daily total, and send them through to Xero ready to populate your employee timesheets in the current payrun.


  1. Ensure that the Connect to Xero Payroll? option was selected when connecting WorkGuru to Xero. You may need to disconnect and reconnect to enable this feature. Make sure that the user who set up the connection from WorkGuru to Xero has the Payroll Admin privilege in Xero. If this is not set up correctly, you will get an error when you try to export payroll data.
  2. Ensure your Week Starts On setting in WorkGuru (Administration -> Settings -> General -> Week Starts On) is the same as your pay run schedule in Xero (Monday to Sunday, Wednesday to Thursday etc)
  3. Staff in WorkGuru are matched on their Email address and/or their full name to their Payroll Employee in Xero.  If there is a legitimate missmatch between the two, you can manually match by entering the Xero employee UID into the user's payroll id in Workguru.
  4. Import the Xero payroll rates into WorkGuru by clicking Get Pay Items on the Xero dashboard (Accounting -> Xero). 
  5. Pay rates that are different to ordinary hours (such as overtime) can be mapped to specific tasks as required.
  6. Each payroll employee's Ordinary Earnings Rate in Xero must match the default pay rate selected in WG.
  7. There is a current draft pay run opened in Xero.

To send timesheets to Xero:

  1. Confirmed all timesheets have been entered correctly for the payrun period in the timesheet dashboard.
  2. Open the Xero dashboard Accounting -> Xero
  3. In the Timesheet and Payroll section, click Get Employee Ids from Xero. This will ensure any additional staff in Xero and WorkGuru are matched via their email address.
  4. Click Send Timesheets Preview. The timesheet information WorkGuru will send to Xero is displayed for review. Confirm the information is correct as you cannot update this information in Xero unless you delete the draft timesheets in the payrun first.
    • Xero Payrun - Ensure that the dates match your currently open Xero payrun.
    • Default Pay Rate - Select the default pay rate to match the timesheets to in Xero.
    • Timesheet data - Confirm the daily and total timesheet entries look correct for the selected payrun period. If you notice staff are missing from the list, it means that the staff member has NOT been matched with an employee in Xero.  Review their name and email address and ensure they match between WorkGuru and Xero, or manually match via their Xero payroll employee UID.
  5. Click Send Timesheets to Xero to send the timesheets for the payrun period to Xero.  If you encounter any errors, review the integration requirements above.
  6. Once the timesheets are sent to Xero, they will appear as drafts to review in Xero -> Payroll -> Timesheets. From here you can review and confirm the timesheets sent from WorkGuru. You can also add additional lines such as Overtime, if it hasn't be matched to tasks and adjust the time entries accordingly.
  7. Approve all the timesheets in Xero and they will be added to the Xero payrun for processing via your normal payrun process in Xero

Timesheet Integration Notes:

  1. If you need to track multiple payroll times types, such as overtime etc, you can either capture that time is specific tasks mapped to the the relevant rate.  Or you will need to complete this within Xero from the draft Timesheet page before approval. (Eg if you work a standard 8 hour day and one day 10 hours is submitted via WorkGuru, you need to edit the Xero timesheet data to display 8 for Ordinary time and 2 for Overtime)
  2. Timesheets can only be submitted from WorkGuru to Xero once.  If an incomplete week of timesheets have been submitted, you need to delete all the draft timesheets sent to Xero in the Xero payrun before you can re-send the timesheets.
  3. In cases where you've moved to a new Xero org for an existing WorkGuru - Xero connection, clear the PayrollIds from the staff in WorkGuru and repeat the steps above to resync the employee ids. If receiving any errors on sync, ensure the staff and payrun settings in Xero have been checked and updated accordingly.