WorkGuru can take approved timesheets, round them up to a daily total, and send them through to Xero ready to populate your payrun.

There are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can send timesheets to Xero

  1. Users in WG are Matched on Email address to Payroll Employees in Xero.
  2. Each payroll employee's Ordinary Earnings Rate in Xero must match the default pay rate selected in WG.
  3. Draft Pay run opened in Xero.

Once the timesheets are sent to Xero, they will appear as drafts to review in Xero -> Payroll -> Timesheets.   From here you can review and confirm the timesheets sent from WorkGuru.  You can also add additional lines such as Overtime and adjust the time entries accordingly.

Timesheet Integration Notes:

  1. The current integration can only sent across one Pay Item type.  If you need to track multiple types, such as overtime etc, you need to complete this within Xero from the draft Timesheet page before approval. (Eg if you work a standard 8 hour day and one day 10 hours is submitted via WorkGuru, you need to edit the Xero timesheet data to display 8 for Ordinary time and 2 for Overtime)
  2. Timesheets can only be submitted from WorkGuru to Xero once.  If an incomplete week of timesheets have been submitted, you need to edit Xero directly.