If your workplace has a complex payroll, WorkGuru's Tanda integration can assist to simplify your timesheeting and payroll, while ensuring your projects are being costed correctly. Tanda is Australia's leading rostering, attendance and award interpretation software.  It's award interpreter automates wage calculations and includes base rates, overtime, allowances, and higher duties ensuring all staff are paid correctly and your payrol is compliant.

In the WorkGuru and Tanda integration, staff enter their timesheets in WorkGuru which the integration then sends to Tanda for award interpretation.   If any of the timesheets incur additional overtime rates etc, Tanda will update WorkGuru with the true cost of that staff members time.   Tanda will then send payroll information to Xero as per it's Xero integration.

The advantages of this integration are twofold.  Tanda's award interpretations ensures that your staff with complex awards or EBAs are always being paid correctly and any penalty rates and overtime are being tracked accurately in WorkGuru to ensure the labour component is costed correctly.