The Purchases dashboard lets you keep track of your stock and disbursement Purchase Orders (PO) raised in one place. It provides some dashboard totals both in number of POs and accumulated $ value.

  • Open POs - POs raised but not recieved or costed with the supplier invoice.
  • Recieved Not Billed - POs with stock recieved but not costed with the supplier invoice.
  • Billed not Recieved - POs costed with the supplier invoice but not recieved.

You can separate your purchases between their states of Approved, Draft and Received, search for Client, PO number and Supplier Name.

Note that you can differentiate your disbursement POs from Stock/Consumable POs using the dashboard by which POs have a Project Number listed in the Project Number Column.

The Actions button contains the Create New Purchase Order and Merge Purchase Orders functions.