If you have multiple stock purchase orders raised for the same supplier.  WorkGuru allows you to consolidate them together to send one order to the supplier to make it easier. NOTE: This function is for stock purchase orders only.  If you need to consolidate purchase orders for projects, use the advanced purchase orders.

You can merge draft and approved orders.  From the purchase order dashboard, click on Merge Purchase Orders from the Actions menu.

From the Merge Purchase Orders screen, Select Supplier and Status to display list of compatible (stock) purchase orders available to be merged.  Use the checkboxes to select the orders you would like to consolidate and click Merge Selected Purchase Orders.

From the preview screen, confirm the merge is successful.   Note the merged line items are separated by an ad-hoc line with each purchase order's delivery address details.  If correct, click Confirm Merge to consolidate the selected orders.  If not correct, click Cancel to retain the original un-merged orders.

The merged purchase order will retain the state of the orders it was created from (approved/draft).  The  merged purchase order can than be received and costed as per a normal stock purchase order.

Merged purchase orders are identified on the purchase order dashboard with a new order number but an updated reference indicated the merge.   NOTE: The original orders the order was merged from are still searchable.

A merged purchase order can also be identified by the additional Merged Purchases tab in the order details screen. You can view the original order details that were merged for historical reference.