Once a client agrees to proceed with your quote, you can mark it as accepted in WorkGuru which will automatically create a project or a stock sale with information from the quote.

To accept a quote, click on the quote number from the issued tab of the quotes dashboard.

From the functionality at the base of the quote, click the Accept and Create Project button.   Note if your quote only contains product lines, you will see a Accept and Create Stock Sale button.

WorkGuru will then display a new project page, pre-filled with all the relevant information from the accepted quote, including custom fields that are enabled for both quotes and projects. You can edit all the fields if required, but by default only project specific information not captured in the quote is required:

  • Start Date - Forecast project start date.   Defaults to the current day.
  • End Date - Forecast project end date. NOTE:  Defaults to the current day so if not changed, the project will expire immediately.
  • Project Manager - Select a staff member as the project manager.
  • Warehouse - Assign project to a specific warehouse for location or material usage defaults or leave blank if global.
  • Reporting Category - If Xero reporting categories are enabled, these must be selected to save the project.
  • Client Purchase Order - Enter the PO or reference number issued by the client to accept the quote.

Quote task and product line items will come over from the quote.  These can be updated if required, as well as applying additional project templates.   You can add assign staff and schedule tasks as per the normal new project workflow.

Click Save to complete the quote to project/stock sale acceptance process.   The project or stock sale  is now available as a current project or stock sale in the project or stock sale dashboards.   When clicking on the details page, the source quote will be displayed which you can click through to review the accepted quote details.

The quote status is also updated to accepted and will be archived in the Accepted tab of the quotes dashboard.