To revise a quote:

  1. Access the quote dashboard from the menu by click on Sales -> Quotes
  2. Click on the Quote Number of the quote that needs to be revised.
  3. From the bottom of quote dashboard, click on Accept and Create Quote from the action button list.
  4. WorkGuru will then display a new project page, pre-filled with all the relevant information from the accepted quote. You can edit all the fields as required, but by default only project specific information not captured in the quote is required:
    • Start Date - Forecast project start date
    • End Date - Forecast project end date
    • Project Manager - Select a staff member as the project manager.
    • Project Group - Assign a project group if it hasn't been pre-selected as part of the quote
    • Client Purchase Order - Enter the PO or reference number issued by the client to accept the quote.
    • Asset - Assign an asset if one hadn't been pre-selected as part of the quote
  5. The accepted quote is then available to be referenced in its projects detail page.