WorkGuru provides an integrated method to allow your clients to electronically review and sign off on your quotes. Once the quotes have been accepted via an e-sign method, the issued quote in WorkGuru will automatically be accepted and converted to a new project, while notifying both the issuer and signer via email.

To initiate the automated Quote acceptance, all you have to do is email the quote to the client, including the signing field: [QuoteSigningLink].  This field can be added anywhere in the body of the email, or included in your default email template if you want to enable automated acceptance for all quotes sent through WorkGuru.  

Note: The [QuoteSigningLink] field will not auto-resolve in the email body like your other email template fields, such as [QuoteNumber] etc.

The client will receive the email with the quote attached with the signing link populated.

When the client clicks the acceptance link, they will be taken to a page to review the quote displayed as per the selected quote template.  If the quote is multiple pages, the client will need to review ALL pages before they can click Sign Now at the bottom of the page.

Note:  If the quote has expired, the client cannot complete the signing process.

The client accepts the quote, by clicking Sign Now and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the quote by entering an e-signature.  Click Accept Quote to confirm.

WorkGuru will now mark that quote as accepted and create a new project, with the signed project attached in the Files tab.

WorkGuru will also notify by email the issuer that the new project has been created, and the client that they have successfully accepted the quote.