Add landed costs to a purchase order that was invoiced separately by the same or different supplier by following these steps:

  1. Raise a new Purchase Order from the WorkGuru menu Purchases -> New Purchase Order
  2. Fill out the purchase order details as per the landed cost's supplier's invoice.   The important field which flags this PO is for landed costs is the PO to Attribute Costs dropdown.
  3. From the dropdown, choose the PO number of the received PO that you want to attribute the total value of this PO to as landed costs.  NOTE only received stock POs are available in this list to attribute.
  4. Click Add Product to add a line item to the PO. This is usually a NonStock product such as shipping, customs, duty etc.
  5. Check the totals match the supplier invoice and click Save and Approve to save the changes.
  6. From the next purchase order detail screen click Receive Purchase Order
  7. Receive the purchase order in the normal manner by completing the fields from the landed cost suppliers invoice.
  8. Click Save when done.  The total value of this PO is now attributed to the line items on the attributed PO by qty and value.