Products or Materials kept in stock can be used on the project from the quick actions menu.   These materials will reduce your stock on hand when added to a project, so making sure you capture their use at the time they were used is really important to maintain your inventory levels correctly.   Note: the cost of the materials added to the project based on the products FIFO landed cost, not the task forecast rate.

  1. From the project's details page, select the Use Materials button from the Quick Actions Menu.
  2. From the Add Stock Usage window you have two options to add materials after confirming the warehouse location (stock can only be added per warehouse per project)
    1. Add Product - This lets you add products as you use them.  These products to not need to have already been forecast on the project.   You can also add non-stock items as required.  This is a great option if you want to track stock usage in real time over a longer project.
    2. Use All Forecast Materials - If there are already products forecast or quoted on the project.  You can confirm this list as it is the same as shown in the project's materials tab.  This function is a shortcut to load all forecast product lines into the stock usage window.   You can then edit the quantity of these lines as required.
    3. Use All Remaining Materials - Shortcut to finalise the stock usage on the project.
  3. Once the product lines have been added, you can check the number in stock at that location.  If the quantity entered is more than the number in stock, WorkGuru will warn you that you don't have enough stock available. WorkGuru will not let you use stock you don't have so you will need to resolve the stock on hand via a stock adjustment, purchase order or switching warehouses.
  4. Click Save to confirm the stock usage.  This is the point when the Stock on Hand quantity is reduced and the COGS journal is created.
  5. The stock usage is then summarised on the project's materials tab:From this list you can confirm when and who added the stock usage and also the FIFO landed cost used for the project costing (this is the actual cost of that product on the project and may be differnet to the forecast cost). If you are an administrator, use the Undo button to reverse the stock movement if incorrect.

If you need to use the materials from alternative warehouse/locations, it is important to select the warehouse from the dropdown before you add the stock required from that location (see attached movie)