Invoices can be raised from the project's quick actions menu at anytime (you don't need to finish the project or have time and materials entered before you raise an invoice depending on what type you need).  The only requirement is that the project contains at least one billable line item.

From the quick actions menu, click on Quick Invoice button to start the invoicing process.

The quick invoice screen will give you a summary of the billable line items, and what has been invoiced up to now, compared to what has been originally forecast.The quick invoice screen allows you to raise the following types of invoices, which one is selected depends on how and what you want to invoice the customer:

  • Percentage of Forecast/Quoted and All Purchases - Best option if you invoice a percentage of the quote/forecast of all the billable line items.  Best for deposit invoices raised against the full quoted/forecast amount.
  • Completed Tasks - Bill the full amount of completed tasks.  Suits a workflow where you raise progress invoices based on completion instead of time.
  • Remaining Balance - Will bill remaining balance of forecast/quoted.  Useful for the project's final invoice.
  • Custom Amount - Bill by entering a manual quantity, fixed amount or percentage of each line item.  Best suits a workflow where you need to raise deposit invoices on individual line items.
  • Actual Usage (not already invoiced) - Only invoice the actuals (time/materials)