Project groups allow you to invoice centrally across all the projects in the group.   This is handy if you need to issue the client one invoice for a number of separate projects.    You can also invoice per client across if the projects in the group have multiple billing clients.  Note: assigning a project to a project group will not prevent you from invoicing from within the project.

Select the project group you need to invoice from the project group dashboard (Projects -> Project Groups)

Click on Quick Invoice from the quick actions menu on the project group detail page.

This page will display the combined project actuals on all the group's projects to assist with the invoicing, specifically the timesheets, materials and task completion.

Complete the Invoice details:

  • Invoice Description - displays in the WorkGuru invoicing templates and the first line of the imported invoice in Xero.
  • Date - Invoice date.
  • DueDate - Date invoice is due.
  • Invoices for Project Starting After - If the project group contains a large number of projects, only invoice projects starting after this date.
  • Invoices for Projects Due Before - If the project group contains a large number of projects, only invoice projects due before this date.

Select the required invoice type:

  • Percentage - Invoice this percentage of the forecast amount per project in the group. Suitable for full or deposit invoicing.
  • Completed Tasks - Invoice the forecast amount of completed tasks per project in the group.   Suitable for milestone/phase progress invoicing.
  • Actuals - Invoice the current billable timesheets and materials added to the projects in the group. Suitable for progress and time and material type invoicing.

Select the required invoice output:

  • 1 x Invoice per Client - Will combine projects in the group with the same billing client to the one invoice. 
  • 1 x Invoice per Project - Will create an invoice per project.

Click Create Invoices to raise the project invoice(s). The project group will then display a summary of the draft invoices it has created.

Review and approve each of the draft project group invoices either from the project group detail page's Invoice tab or the Drafts tab of the invoices dashboard.

If there are line items from more than one project on the project group invoice, you can identify the project which the line item was invoiced from in the invoice's reference column.