If your Quote requires a large number of product lines, you can import these products in bulk via a .csv spreadsheet.

  1. Download the Bulk Add Product template from this page, or create your own with the following headers:
    1. Sku* - Product code.
    2. Name* - Product name
    3. Description - Product description (can be different from product to be specific to the template)
    4. CostPrice* - Unit cost
    5. SellPrice* - Unit price
    6. Quantity* - Number required for the template
    7. Billable - TRUE for Billable, FALSE for non-billable.
  2. Add a new project template, or edit an existing one from Sales -> Quotes.
  3. Add tasks if required and click the +Bulk Add Products
  4. Click Choose File to select the product import template .csv file and click Save to apply.
  5. Confirm the order of the line items imported and click Save or Save and Issue


  • Ensure the .csv is in plain text format
  • Remove all "$" and "," (Currency, commas from all text)
  • Ensure SKUs are present, even for ad-hoc (not in the products list)  line items.