Advanced purchase orders are a hybrid between Stock and Project orders.   An advanced purchase order allows you to purchase line items from multiple projects centrally and then distribute the stock back to them automatically on receipt.   This allows you to streamline the purchasing workflow from your projects to optimise data entry and pricing purchasing centrally.

To create an advanced purchase order:

  1. Create a new purchase order Purchases -> New Purchase Order
  2. On the new PO, select the required supplier via the Supplier Dropdown.  This will ensure that only material lines from that supplier will display on the select projects.
  3. Click Advanced Purchase
  4. Select the project you want to purchase lines from.   If you have pre-selected a supplier on the advanced PO, this will only display product lines that meet the following rules:
    1. Products on the project that have the selected PO supplier set as the default product supplier.
    2. Products on the project that have no default product supplier assigned.
  5. NOTE:  If you have selected a project and no line items display, it means either:
    1. That there are no products on that project that have that supplier set as the default product supplier
    2. The project line items are ad-hoc product lines.
  6. From the displayed line items, you do not need to add all the lines if you don't need them.  You can remove line items you do not want to add to the advanced PO and/or edit the quantities required.  Alternatively you can edit quantities after they have been added to the advanced PO.
  7. Click Save to add the line items to the advanced PO.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for as many projects/line items as you required to combine onto one purchase order for the supplier.
  9. Approve and issue the new PO as per a normal stock order.  Note the project numbers added to the line item descriptions - this is an indication that the advanced PO functionality is working.
  10. Receive and Update Invoice Details on the PO as per the normal project purchase order workflow.
  11. Once received, WorkGuru will attribute the total value of the advanced purchase order's line items to each of the projects they were raised from. You can see the results of this in each of the project's Purchases tab:
  12. If you need the advanced purchase order to be invoiced as a disbursement, you can mark the purchase order as billable just like a project purchase order.   This will then display as Billable True in the purchases tab and will display in the Purchases/Disbursement section of the Quick Invoice screen.