Once timesheets have been sent to Tanda successfully, Tanda will apply it's award interpreter to ensure the timesheet is costed correctly for payroll.  If the timesheet has additional penalty rates and/or overtime applied, the timesheet will now 'cost' more than what is currently recorded in WorkGuru in regards to project profitability.  The Tanda integration can update timesheet back in the source WorkGuru project or production job to ensure the labour cost is as accurate as possible.

To allow Tanda to send updated labour cost back to WorkGuru, you need to configure the following webhook in Tanda.

  1. Set the security token as your tenant name
  2. Check these two boxes:
    • timesheet.approved
    • timesheet.costed
Once the webhook has been configured, in the Overview tab of the Tanda dashboard, click Check for Timesheets to update the cost of the timesheets in WorkGuru.

If a timesheet has been recosted in Tanda (overtime, triggered an award etc), the updated timesheet cost will be sent back to the project in WorkGuru.  On the Time tab in the project details, if the timesheet cost has (ext) displayed next to it, indicates it has been updated externally by Tanda.