You can print and email quotes directly out of WorkGuru, or print and mark as sent if using an external email client such as Outlook or Gmail.  You can print or email a quote in any state.

Emailing from WorkGuru

Open the quotes detail page by clicking on the quote number from the quotes dashboard.   From the option at the bottom of the quote details page, click the Email Quote button.

To email your quote, click on Email to Client.  An email compose screen will drop down to be filled out.  You can automate/pre-fill this screen by setting up your email templates.

  • Email Using Template - Select the required quote template
  • To -  Enter or choose the recipient email from the Select Email To list.
  • Select Email To - The client and contact email addresses saved against the clients card will display in the Select Email To: list.
  • CC - Email CC will default to the logged in WorkGuru staff email.  This is handy to confirm the email was sent successfully.
  • Subject - Templated subject line, update as required.
  • Attach Linked Files - Attached any files that have been stored in the quotes files tab.
  • Message - Email body.

Click Send Quote to send to the recipients.  You will see a prompt saying Quote has successfully emailed! or an message if there is any issues sending.   The email will then be logged in the quote's email history tab available in the quote detail page.   

A envelope icon is also added next to the quote number in the quote dashboard to indicate it has been sent.

Emailing from an External Email Client

If you prefer to send the quote via an external email client such as Outlook or Gmail etc, Print the quote to download a copy to attach to the email.  You can still display the quote as sent in WorkGuru by clicking Mark as Emailed.   This will display the envelope icon on the quote detail page, but will not log the email details in the Email History Tab.