Project templates can be applied to both quotes and projects.   On a new quote or project, click the Add Template To button.

Select a template from the add template window and click Add Template and Close if you are applying one or Add Template and Continue if you are applying more than one.  Note: Only project templates will appear in the list.

The add template window also provides additional functionality:

  • Search -  Search templates name and descriptions.
  • Quantity - Line item quantity multiplier.
  • Merge existing rows - If adding more than template, or quantities of the same template, selecting this option will combine (increase) the unit quantity of the template's line items (tasks and products) that already exist on the quote or project.   Default setting will add duplicate line items with each template's line item quantities as per each template.
  • Fill blank custom fields - If project template custom fields are active, select to pre-fill the relevant quote or project custom fields from the template.  Default settings will keep them blank to to be filled in manually.