Dispatching a stock sale is one of two components to complete a stock sale.  The other is invoicing the stock sale.  Invoicing and the stock movement happen independent of each other.    When dispatching products from a stock sale, you don't have to wait until all products are available before dispatching.   You can partially dispatch the order based on workflow or availability.   For example, you can give a customer the products that are in stock now and then backorder products for dispatch later when they are available.

Create or open an approved stock sale by clicking on the sale number on the stock sale dashboard.

WorkGuru will indicate out of stock product lines red.  These lines cannot be dispatched until they are back in stock at that warehouse.  If you want to dispatch the products that are in stock, click Partial Dispatch.  Although the Complete Sale function is not displayed due to not all products being available, you can still raise an invoice for the total sale amount before partially dispatching the order by clicking Create Approved Invoice or Create Draft Invoice as required.  If you only want to invoice the value of the partially dispatched products, you can backorder the sale after partially dispatching the products.

From the dispatch stock sale prompt, enter the Qty to Dispatch, or use the Dispatch All Available shortcut.  Click Dispatch to confirm the stock movement on the sale.  Note: As for using materials on projects, it is extremely important to ensure you are telling WorkGuru exactly what has been dispatched when it has been dispatched.

The stock sale detail page will be updated to display the dispatched line items in green.  Note: The order does not have a dispatch date yet as it has not been fully dispatched yet.

The dispatch detail is displayed in the stock sale detail page's Dispatches tab.  

Once the out of stock products on the stock sale are available, you can repeat the dispatch process to dispatch remaining items as required.

The sale's Dispatch Date and Dispatches tab will be updated and the stock sale will be complete once fully invoiced.