Stock sales in WorkGuru are designed allow you to quickly invoice and dispatch products and services without having to create a new project.    Stock sales do not have any tasks, only product lines so consequently cannot capture timesheets like a project can.

There are two components of a stock sale,  invoicing and dispatch (stock movement).  The advantage of a stock sale over a project is if your products are in stock, you can fully invoice and dispatch the sale in one simple click.  This makes it very easy to process over-the counter sales of your project inventory etc.

Stock sales will still allow you to invoice, order and dispatch products partially if required.  For example you can add an out of stock product to a sale, invoice the client immediately, then raise a purchase order for the product and dispatch it to the client later when it arrives.   You can also capture any costs related to fulfilling the order, such as shipping to ensure each sale's profitability is as accurate as possible.