To ensure WorkGuru and Xero are working in balance we recommend the following end of month procedure:

1. Projects, Production Jobs and Stock Sales.

Ensure that all your projects, production jobs and stock sale actuals are up to date.  Timesheets, stock usage, purchases, credit notes and invoices etc.  Confirm all dispatched stock sales have been invoiced (everything delivered to a customer has been paid for).

2. Xero Queue

Ensure that your Xero queue has been fully processed.  The transactions will either display "up to date" or the most recent sync date.

Ensure COGS journal is up to date with the last sync date being the end of the month.  If you note any discrepancy between the stock on hand value in WorkGuru and Xero, review the starting balance in Xero and the detailed monthly COGS subsequently sent from WorkGuru.

3. Transaction Discrepancy Reports

Once the Xero transactions are up to date.  Confirm there are no transactions that have been edited post import in either WorkGuru or Xero that would cause the total to no longer match.  This will cause an imbalance in sales/purchasing reports between WorkGuru and Xero.

  • Use the Compare Purchase Orders with Xero - Displays in red any purchase order sent to Xero which doesn't balance.
  • Compare Invoices with Xero - Displays in red any invoice sent to Xero which doesn't balance.

Any highlighted transactions will need to be edited in either WorkGuru or Xero to match the correct total.