Supplier credit notes can be managed from the supplier credit note dashboard (Credit Notes -> Supplier Credit Notes).   You can search for credit notes by number and description and add a new credit note by clicking Create New Supplier Credit Note button. Credit note status are either Draft or Approved.

Clicking the Credit Note Number will open the credit note's details page.   The details are displayed in the Overview, Email History, Notes and Files tabs.

Functions available on the details page dependant on credit note status are:

  • Skip Send to Accounting - Stop the credit note from being queued to be sent to Xero via the Xero dashboard.
  • Approve - Approve draft credit note.
  • Edit - Edit draft credit note.
  • Delete - Delete credit note.
  • Update Credit Note Details - Edit the credit note.
  • Back to List - Back to the client credit note dashboard.
  • Print - Print credit note by selected required credit note document template.
  • Email to Client - Email credit note using email templates and selected document template.