Forms in WorkGuru allow staff to capture any 'paperwork' required by your workflow that is saved automatically to the relevant project or production job as the form is completed.

Setting up a form in WorkGuru is a two step process:

  1. Adding the form, where you define the fields and field types to capture information required.
  2. Creating the form template, which is similar to other WorkGuru document templates where you define the layout and formatting of the completed form.

Forms can then be managed from the forms dashboard (Administration -> Forms)

Once the form has been setup, it can be accessed in the Fill From drop-down on the project or production job details page

and the Fill a From tab on the workshop kiosk:

Every time a form is completed, the forms are saved as a timestamped PDF in the project or production job's Files tab.   The completed form also displays the user who created it.   Completed forms in WorkGuru are read-only PDFs and are designed to suit a 'point in time' data capture workflow, such as a daily pre-start checklist or WOHS/SWIMS forms etc.