WorkGuru allows you display the project's stock usage within a date range on a form using the Stock Usage field type.  Create a form and add the Stock Usage field.

Create a form document template to display the stock usage output.   Add a table with the table properties description set to StockUsage.  The following fields are available to be used in the table row (case sensitive):

  • Sku - Product code.
  • Name - Product name.
  • Description - Product description.
  • Quantity - Usage quantity.
  • UsageDate - Date used: DD/MM/YYYY
  • UsageDateTime - Date and time used: DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM

Complete the from and enter the date range you want to display the stock movements.  The form will display the stock movements within the date range.

Once the form is saved, the stock usage will be displayed as per the form document template layout.