Quote options allow you to add and manage optional line items that the client can decide to accept in addition to the formal quote.

Note: Quote options need to be enabled via the Allow Options on Quotes? setting in Administration -> Settings -> General. Set the option to True to enable quote options.

When creating a new quote with quote options enabled, you can specify any added task and/or product line item as an option by selecting the Optional checkbox.  

Note the optional line items don't increase the value of the quote. You can select the Toggle Options Totals checkbox to display a detailed breakdown of quote vs options.

The option summaries are also available in the quote detail page once saved or issued.

Note: To display the quote options, your quote document templates need to be extended by adding the relevant quote option tables.  An example of a quote template with the tables applied is available here.

If the client approves any of the options when accepting the quote,  when you accept the quote, it will prompt to select which of the quote options the client selected.  Once selected click Save, the project will be created with the optional and quoted line items.