The ability to edit a purchase order is dependent on the state the purchase order is in and whether you want to edit the purchase order details or the line items.  Generally purchase orders can only be fully edited (both details and line items) when in the draft state, but there are workflows to handle changes in every state:


If the purchase order is in the draft state, it can be edited.  Select Edit Purchase Order on the purchase order's details page. You will then be able to edit both the purchase order details and line items. If this is not available, the purchase order is not in the correct state to edit.


If the purchase order is in the Approved state, you need to Revert to Draft before you have access to the Edit Purchase Order function.   Note: You need to re-approve the purchase order after editing.


You cannot fully edit a received purchase order.  The only changes available are via the Update Invoice Details.   This allows you to change pricing information or add relevant landed costs to match supplier invoices.  Note:  Changing invoice quantity will cause stock balance issues, as the invoice quantity will no longer match the received quantity.

The following fields are available to edit:

  • Purchase Order Details
    • Invoice Date
    • Invoice Due Date
    • Supplier Invoice Number
    • Currency / Exchange Rate
  • Line Items
    • Supplier Code
    • Tax Name
    • Invoice Qty
    • Invoice Price
    • Account Code

If line item changes are required after a purchase order is been marked as received, you will need to raise a supplier Credit Note to reverse the purchase order and stock movement (if a stock purchase) and raise a new purchase order with the correct details.