When sending transactions from WorkGuru to MYOB, you may encounter an error message. Below you can find a list of the most common error messages and their resolutions.

API Message
The Customer with UID of '9c70ba75-e8bf-4527-8a59-2a75l7042a27' cannot be found. - Customer.UID
This indicates the client/ supplier in WG has a MYOB Id, but the corresponding contact in MYOB with that Id cannot be found. Most commonly caused by deleting/ archiving/ merging the contact in MYOB
Edit the client/ supplier in WG and ensure the name matches the non-archived MYOB contact exactly
WebException: The remote server returned an error: (504) Gateway Timeout
This is a MYOB server timeout most commonly caused by attempting to sync many transactions at once
Wait 10 minutes and try again. Each successive sync should be sending less items. If the item count doesn't decrement between retries, reach out to support
Maximum allowed characters for Identifier is 15The client code saved against the WG client is > 15 characters in lengthEdit the client to reduce the client code to <= 15 characters in length
Maximum allowed characters for Description is 1000 - DescriptionOne or more descriptions against the transaction or its line items has more than 1000 characters
Edit the transaction and ensure all description fields each contain a maximum of 1000 characters
SaleEvent_DuplicateSale - EventId:(SaleEvent)Indicates a duplicate transaction exists in MYOBVerify whether the transaction already exists in MYOB. If it does, mark the transaction as skipped to prevent attempting to re-send. If it doesn't, edit the transaction number or re-create with a new number