Currently WorkGuru doesn't send transactions to MYOB automatically.  As transactions are in the state to be sent to MYOB, they will be added to the MYOB queue in the MYOB dashboard (Accounting -> MYOB).   The status for a transaction to be added to the MYOB queue is as follows:

Purchase Order
Invoiced  (Supplier invoice number and date)

Transactions ready to send to MYOB will be indicated by a count.   If there is nothing to be sent to MYOB, it will display the transaction is up to date.   Review the available information queued to send to MYOB in the Send Data to MYOB section of the MYOB dashboard.

Sending transactions to MYOB is as simple as clicking the relevant send link.

  • Send Invoices - Send approved invoices.
  • Send Purchase Orders - Send invoiced purchase orders.

If there are any issues sending data to MYOB, the relevant error message will display in red detailing exactly what information can't be successfully sent to MYOB.   Click the message header to review the cause of the issue and how to resolve the error.