You can use a combination of Xero general ledger (GL) account codes and Xero tracking categories to optimise the integration between Xero and WorkGuru to better suit your accounting requirements.  Xero GL codes and tracking categories can not be configured in WorkGuru, WorkGuru only synchronises with the current settings from Xero.   The GL code and tracking categories are only used by WorkGuru to pre-code the relevant line items on transactions sent to Xero so no additional double handling is required in Xero.

Synchronise the latest Xero configuration from the Xero dashboard (Accounting -> Xero)

GL Account Codes

GL account codes are applied in WorkGuru in a hierarchy.   When invoiced, task and product lines are mapped to revenue (income) accounts in Xero.  When purchased, product lines are mapped to either a stock on hand or expense account in Xero depending on the product's tracking type or purchase method.   When stock is used on a project or a production job, or dispatched on a stock sale, the stock journal will be mapped to the cost of goods sold (COGS account).  Note: GL account codes are applied at the line item, not the transaction level.

If a GL account in Xero is not available in WorkGuru, check its configuration in Xero.  Is it the right account type (sales/income account for invoicing etc) and does it have Enable payments to this account selected.

The first level is the default GL settings configured when Xero is connected to the first time.

You can over-ride the default mappings using a second level of configuration by assigning an alternate sales account on tasks and products, and/or an alternate expense (COGS) account on products.

If your general ledger (and tax mapping) configuration is incompatible with your Xero chart of accounts, Xero will display relevant warning messages when you send data via the Xero dashboard. Usually it just requires a simple re-coding/re-configuration as directed to resolve any issues.

Tracking Categories

Xero tracking categories allow you to report on your financial information granular in Xero.   You can assign tracking categories in WorkGuru at the transaction level, generally applied at the project, purchase or adjustment.   This allows you to apply a category while still retaining the line item specific GL accounts.  Note: If tracking categories are enabled, they are mandatory.

Not all tracking categories configured in Xero might be relevant to the transactions in WorkGuru.   You can manage these categories so only the relevant ones are available to apply within WorkGuru.