The Quote Dashboard in WorkGuru provides a complete summary of your current, expired and active quotes as well as their value. 

From this Quote Dashboard, you will also be able to filter quotes based on whether they have been marked as Draft, Issued or Expired. 

To view your quote Dashboard, start by selecting the "Sales" tab on the menu on left hand side of your window. 

Once you have selected the "Sales" tab, you will find that both the "Quote" and "New Quote" options have filtered below the "Sales" menu option as seen below.

To view your quote Dashboard, select the "Quote" option. 

By default, the WorkGuru Dashboard will list "All Quotes" as the default selection on the tabs available. 

WorkGuru will allow you view Quotes based on whether they are "Issued," a "Draft" or "Expired". To view the desired Quote state, simply select the Tab that is relevant.