WorkGuru allows you to add new assets to the system via the Index page. 

1.0 To create a New Asset, start by selecting the "Asset" tab on the menu located on the left hand side of your screen. This will take you straight to the asset "Index" page.

2.0 Once the asset "Index" page has loaded, simply select "Create New" 

3.0 WorkGuru will provide the following mandatory and optional information fields as a reference for your Asset.

3.1 Name - If applicable to your Asset . 

3.2 Serial Number - If applicable to your Asset  

3.3 Client - Select the client that the asset applies to 

3.4 Asset Tags - Create internal reference tags to categorise and report on. This is useful to report on similar assets that are shared across clients. 

4.0 Once you have finished entering the details of your asset, simply select "Create"