WorkGuru sends Sales Invoices, Bills (from Purchase Orders), Cost of Goods Sold journals and Contacts from WorkGuru through to Xero.  You can choose to sync data with Xero manually or automatically on a schedule to best suit your accounting requirements. To sync data to Xero, open the Xero dashboard (Accounting -> Xero).

From this screen, you can see what data to send to Xero, and how many records are queued ready to send.  The transactions queued will prompt you to "Send" them and the number it will send.  In the example below, There is 2 Invoices and 1 Purchase Order that haven't yet been sent to Xero. To send this data, simply click on each of these links to send.  Additional options such as payments and COGS will display the date last synced successfully.

The Compare Purchase Orders with Xero and Compare Invoices with Xero buttons will take you to dashboards which you can use to see if transactions have either been edited or deleted in either WorkGuru or Xero AFTER it has been successfully sent.   This is important to ensure the figures in both systems are in balance so the reporting is consistent between the two.

In the event that there is an error sending data to Xero, WorkGuru will display an error message telling you exactly what the problem is, and allow you to go and update the data to fix it.  There is a reference to the common messages and how to solve them here.

Get Payments

Clicking Get Payments is one of the few examples where Xero sends information back to WorkGuru.  This function will retrieve invoice reconciliation information from Xero and marked these as payments on the WorkGuru invoices. This is displayed in the invoice dashboard as a Green tick for fully paid and Yellow tick for partially paid.

Sending Cost of Goods Sold

Cost of Goods sold is an exception to the rule of how WorkGuru integrates with Xero. For each month, WorkGuru keeps a single journal which moves the Stock on Hand, to COGS accounts based on all of the transactions for the month. This prevents sending hundreds of journals across to Xero and makes it significantly easier to compare any errors or discrepancies between Xero and WorkGuru in a single line item. You can sync your COGS every day, to keep your books up to date, or just once a week, or month. It's entirely up to you.    The last date the COGS was sent will display for reference.   Clicking See Detailed COGS will take you to the Monthly COGS comparison report where you can see exactly what WorkGuru has included in its COGS journals sent to Xero.

Sending Timesheets to Xero

WorkGuru can import timesheet data to populate your Xero payruns.   Instructions on how to send timesheets is here.