Tasks can be bulk imported into WorkGuru using the task import function and the CSV Import Template.    Download the import template for the page or this article and choose the csv file then save to upload the Tasks into WorkGuru.

WorkGuru Task Import Template Import Field Definitions

  1. Name - Task Name
  2. Description - Task Description
  3. UnitCost - Hourly cost rate for the Task
  4. Rate - Hourly sell rate for the Task
  5. AccountCode - Xero alternate GL sales account.
  6. SellTaxCode - Xero sales tax code - usually GST on Income
  7. SellTaxRate - Tax rate. (10 for 10% GST)
  8. CostMulitplier - Numerical multiplier to be used for correct costing of staff base rates for timesheets on tasks used for capturing penalty rates. (Usually 1.  1.5, 2 etc used for time and a half, double-time)

Optional Task Import Field Definitions

  • Pricing Tiers - You can import your alternate task pricing tiers via additional columns with the pricing tier name (case sensitive) as the header name