WorkGuru has been built to be a flexible platform to meet and exceed multiple workflow requirements.  As such it is important to take time and map out how you intend to utilise the features of WorkGuru in your organisation's workflow as this will guide how you will optimally provision the tasks,products,assets and templates to suit.


  • Tasks are generally broken down by:
    • Hourly Rates - different cost/sell rates need to be different tasks
    • Timesheet Entry - units of work you want to track timesheets on for Staff efficiency and/or reporting needs to be different tasks.   Consideration needs to be made to balance more tasks, provide more detail/reportability against more administrative/data entry.
    • Milestone Invoicing - the elements that are required to be progressively invoiced over the duration of the project need to be setup as tasks on the project.
  • Tasks can be scheduled so can be utilised as a To-Do or Milestone to track anything that is time sensitive by utilising the Complete button.   This is useful if you need to track progress but don’t require timesheet entries, and has its own invoicing function associated with it.
  • Tasks can also be useful for tracking the labour costs accurately on fixed cost projects by marking them non-billable.  This will let you specify exactly what you want to quote/invoice your customer and let you track accurate labour costing without making anything labour related visible to the customer.


  • Products generally broken down on projects by:
    • Stock Controlled (FIFO) - products configured as FIFO are stock controlled in WorkGuru.   This means that you need to have these products in stock to be used on projects.  You can invoice these products on projects but WorkGuru will warn you if you are trying to use these products to track their accurate landed cost on the project.   FIFO products need to be setup in WorkGuru before they are used on a Quote/Project
    • Non Stock/Expenses - NonStock products can be used on projects regardless of stock level.  These products are useful when setup for repeatable expense or billable lines such as Shipping/Freight, Surcharges and any fixed cost line items such as a fixed cost vehicle service.
    • Ad Hoc Non-Stock/Expenses - NonStock products can also be added to Quotes/Projects ad hoc.  These products do not need to be in the WorkGuru Products database and are really handy for adding line items directly to Quotes/Projects such as fixed cost billable line items and formatting elements like headings etc.


  • Assets in WorkGuru are for workflows that require transaction history to be tracked against a ‘thing’ instead of a client which is the default.  Assets can be anything from a patient to a tree to a truck.
  • Assets can be extended with custom fields to track asset specific information such as rego, model, dates such as warranty expiry.
  • You can assign an asset to  quote or a project, or raise quotes/projects and project groups directly from the asset dashboard.

Project Groups

  • Project Groups in WorkGuru can be used to group projects together so you can manage individually but report and invoice centrally as if it is one project.