The minimum setup required to use WorkGuru is the following:

  1. Tasks - at least one labour task at a default rate
  2. Products - Products will need to added if Stock Control is a requirement.  
  3. Xero Integration - for Tax Rates, Chart of Accounts and Invoicing/Purchasing.
  4. Document Templates - Brand the default document templates with logos etc.
  5. Staff - add Staff accounts for access to WorkGuru

The following elements can be added ad-hoc to WorkGuru as it is being used.  It is highly recommended that these are configured before hand to minimise data entry and make every function quicker to use.

  1. Clients - Can add new Clients when creating a Quote or Project
  2. Assets - Can add new Assets when creating a Quote or Project
  3. Suppliers - Can add new Suppliers when creating a Purchase Order