If your supplier has sent you less products than ordered, you can receipt in what was received, and then decide whether you need to backorder the remainder or not.  This usually needs to be followed up with the supplier as it is dependant on if you will be sent the remainder or not (may be out of stock etc).

  1. From the relevant approved purchase order's detail page, click Receive Purchase Order.
  2. Receive the PO as normal with the information from the supplier invoice (invoice number, dates, landed costs etc).  When receiving the line items, enter the amount actually received. If the Received Quantity is less than the Order Quantity, WorkGuru will prompt to create a backorder. If yes this will tick the Create a backorder checkbox and WorkGuru will create a backorder with the missing quantity of products. If no, it will not create a backorder, and you will only receive the quantity on this order.
  3. If the create a backorder option is ticked, WorkGuru will fully receive the original order and create another approved PO with the same details containing the missing product quantity.  This can be identified by the slash number (/x) suffix on the original PO reference.This PO can then be received when the backorder arrives with a new Received Date. The backordered PO retains the original supplier invoice details that will need to be updated if the supplier invoices you separately for the backorder. Note: you can backorder backorders if required.
  4. If a supplier credit note needs to raised in the case of you being invoiced for stock that will not be delivered, that needs to be raised directly in Xero.