In WorkGuru, some workflows may require a manager or admin to have to enter timesheets centrally on behalf of staff members. This may be due to their roles or nature of the work they are doing.  To have the ability to add timesheets on behalf of another user, you must have the Timesheet Management and Creating timesheets for other users permissions active.

From the timesheet dashboard, click on Add Timesheet or Update Weekly Timesheet for daily or weekly timesheet entry respectively.

From the timesheet entry page, the timesheet information is added as per the normal daily or weekly timesheet workflow. The only difference when adding timesheets on behalf of another user is that you can select the relevant user form the User dropdown.  Note: The projects and tasks dropdowns are populated depending on the permissions of the logged in user. Users with permission to create timesheets for other users can see and select all projects/ tasks. Users without permission can only see assigned projects/ tasks and cannot select other users.

Click Save if you need to edit the timesheets later, or Submit Timesheet if you have confirmed everything is correct and you are not going to enter anymore timesheets for that pay period.   Note:  once timesheet is submitted it cannot be changed by a user.    You can repeat this process for each staff member that needs timesheets entered.