In WorkGuru, some workflows may require a manager or admin to have to enter timesheets centrally on behalf of staff members.   This may be due to their roles or nature of the work they are doing.

  1. As for any WorkGuru timesheet export process, ensure there is a draft payrun posted in Xero for the period required, and each staff members email addresses match in WorkGuru and their Xero employee record.
  2. From the WorkGuru menu click on Admin -> Users
  3. Identify the staff member you need to enter time on behalf of and click on Actions -> Login as User
  4. From the users dashboard click on either the Add a Timesheet or Update Weekly Timesheet for daily or weekly entry respectively.
  5. From the timesheet entry page (weekly example here)
    1. Select the relevant pay week
    2. Select the relevant project and task and click Add Task. Repeat for the number of timesheet tasks required.
    3. Entry the relevant time total and notes per day and project task required.
  6. Click Save if you need to edit the timesheets later, or Submit Timesheet if you have confirmed everything is correct and you are not going to enter anymore timesheets for that pay period.   Note:  once timesheet is submitted it cannot be changed by a user.
  7. Click the user menu in the top right hand of the screen and click Back to Account
  8. Repeat steps 2-6 for each staff member that needs timesheets entered.